Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m already done with the starter course and I plan to take a full personality development program, will the price I paid for the starter course be deductible from my payment to the full program?

Great to know you’re interested in our personality development program. The price you paid for the starter course will be deducted from your enrollment to your personality development program. To further inquire on our programs, feel free to reach us through or give us a call at 09175018294.

2. What are the courses I need to take to get a certificate?

To get the John Robert Powers e-certificate, you have to be enrolled in the online starter course; have completed all four modules, and have answered all online tests within the allocated time period. Presto! You’ll receive an international certification after finishing the online course.

3. I’m interested to take your teaser courses and I want to enroll. May I know what your payment options are?

Sure! We accept Paypal, credit card (e.g. Mastercard, Visa) , and bank deposit payments. Payment will be made after signing up for our online starter course. All set to pay? Visit

4. I’m currently enrolled in your online starter course, how does this work?

For starters, make sure you are signed-in to your account. Visit your account dashboard and click on CONFIRMED ONLINE COURSES tab and a list of course/s you’re enrolled in will appear. Click on that and you’ll be directed to the starter course page, where you can take the self-assessment quiz. Go through the four modules, where you can view resource materials. Then, you can get your e-certificate right after finishing the course. It's that easy! Ready to begin? Sign-in here.

5. What are the inclusions of Online Starter Course?

For only Php 1,499.00, you will have the chance to take the online starter course with four teaser modules on self-awareness, image management, effective communication, and social graces / dining etiquette. You will also be able to take a free self-assessment and download your own international JRP e-certificate. Let’s start!