Php 1,499
18 years old and above
Personality Development

Online Starter Course

The John Robert Powers online, four-session introductory course on the four pillars of Personality Development presents important learnings that could start you off on the path to your Best Self. The course also includes an assessment tool that could identify the areas for growth and enhancement in your personality that could lead to a more definitive life plan for continuing self-improvement. The course fee will also be credited should you decide to take a full Personality Development program with JRP. So, enroll now in our starter course to jumpstart your Best Me journey!

It will take 1 hour to finish the whole course. You will have 14 days to view the content.


  • Self-Awareness

    Everything begins and ends with the Self, so we take you on a journey of self-discovery. We offer insights on how your thoughts and feelings affect your level of self confidence. We show the value of achieving a more positive self image. With the Self-Awareness video, we hope you can set goals that will make you feel good about yourself. A heightened self-esteem and greater self-confidence makes anything and everything possible!

  • Image Management

    When you look in the mirror what do you see? Are you happy with your appearance? Do you create positive first and lasting impressions on others? The foundation of beauty is great skin! A simple but effective regimen can go a long way in ensuring that your smooth and glowing skin keeps you always beautiful and young-looking.  Let this video on Skin Care by JRP show you how!

  • Necktie Savvy ( For male enrollees )

    Did you know there are several options for knotting a necktie? This video will teach you four ways to do this so that you can be stylish and necktie-savvy always.

  • Effective Communication

    Nothing ensures success more than knowing how to effectively communicate with others. In our Voice Communication/Effective Communication video, we help you appreciate the process of communication. We will help you understand what it takes to be a great speaker and listener! Knowing what and how to communicate is the first step to being an effective communicator!

  • Social Graces (Dining Etiquette)

    The true mark of the well-developed and refined personality is graciousness. Our Social Graces/Social & Business Etiquette module on essential dining etiquette will help you with knowing the do’s and don’ts while dining so that you are always confident and socially savvy.