5 years old to 65+
Personality Development

Level V: Lifetime, Executive, and Celebrity

Heightened self-esteem, greater self-confidence, polish, refinement, and mastery of the art of self-presentation – this is what the JRP Level 5 is all about. It’s all about the total packaging and projection of your Powers personality. We help you look your best, feel your most confident, and achieve your most positive relationships. Through more intense and individualized personality development classes, we help you stand on every stage of your personal and school or professional life with ease and savvy. In the Communication track, we help you navigate every communication situation you can experience as a child or teen. If you are a young adult or executive, we help you overcome your fear of public speaking while making you appreciate the power of your own voice. We help you grow your functional communication skills so that you could resolve conflicts and negotiate effectively. The Social Graces electives introduce and immerse you in the finer points of gracious living. You will definitely be ready for anything and anyone.

  • No. of Modules: 10
  • Type of Session: Group
  • Lifetime refresher sessions given.
  • Training and facilitation to participate in the IMTA (International Model and Talent Association) event in New York City or Los Angeles City
  • Panel Exit Interview JRP International Certificate of Completion
50-day (100 hours) session program