5 years old to 65+
Personality Development

Level IV: Skills Advancement and Career Application

Stand on that stage and wow your audience! Confidently and effectively make oral presentations and reports by learning state-of-the-art presentation techniques! Learn to impress your listeners through effective content development and impact-full delivery by efficiently managing your vocal dynamics and non-verbal language! On the other hand, if you aspire to become a celebrity, taking our advanced sessions in acting, hosting and professional modeling and run-way techniques will create your distinct edge from the rest of the wannabes! Your commitment to a winning professional image is, indeed, a worthwhile investment.

  • No. of Modules: 10
  • Type of Session: Group
  • JRP International Certificate of Completion
  • Students may attend refresher sessions on an unlimited basis within two (2) years from date of exit interview.
40-day (80 hours) session program