5 years old to 65+
Personality Development

Level III: Skills Integration and Development

Bring your personal branding, intrapersonal and social skills to greater heights as you explore your personal style, and wardrobe and image management. You will learn assertive communication and learn what it takes to be a leader. Learn social and business etiquette for formal gatherings and at the same time, manage yourself in personal and public space. Equip yourself with skills for fruitful contribution to your family, peers, classmates, workmates and communities. Best of all, be a Star with your own photo sessions which will help you gain a more confident social image.

  • No. of Modules: 10
  • Type of Session: Group
  • JRP Certificate of Completion
  • Students may attend refresher sessions on an unlimited basis within one (1) year from date of exit interview.
30-day (60 hours) session workshop