The John Robert Powers online, four-session introductory course on the four pillars of Personality Development, presents important learnings that could start you off on the path to your Best Self.

Self Awareness

"It starts and ends with me..."

Take that first important step to self-discovery. Learning about your self is where growth, confidence and self-esteem begin!

Image Management

"Look the Part"

Confidence begins with looking at the mirror and liking the person who looks back at you. Learn the importance of skin care--- and important basic for looking and feeling good!

Effective Communication

"Talk the Part"

Grow your confidence by learning the essentials of Effective Communication. Knowing what and how to communicate helps you build and sustain positive relationships--- another marker of a proactive, successful personality.

Social Graces

"Be the Part"

Embrace and enjoy the fine-dining experience! Learn the do's and don'ts of table setting and manners.

The online course also includes an assessment tool that could identify the areas for growth and enhancement in your personality and lead to a more definitive life plan for continuing self-improvement. The course fee and learning will also be credited should you decide to take a full Personality Development program with JRP. So, enroll now in our trial course to jumpstart your “Better/Best Me” journey!