In today’s highly competitive world, it is important to take those first steps that will make us stand out and achieve success. Your image, communication skills and behavior reveal vital aspects of your internal disposition---attitudes, values, passions and success potential. Whether we like it or not, success today is measured by how confident and proactive you are about your Self.

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  • 5 Modules
  • 1,499
The John Robert Powers online, four session introductory course on the four pillars of Personality Development presents important learnings that could start you off on the path to your Best Self.
Should you decide to enroll in the full course, the fee for the online starter course will be credited.

Personality Development Programs

Learn the basics of effective communication, style, skin and hair care, and dining etiquette. Earn a John Robert Powers International Certificate of Attendance.
10-day (20 hours) Session Program
Expand your knowledge on positive self-presentation through more in-depth learning about wardrobe and grooming, and have the ability to choose what look works best for you!
20-day (40-hours) session workshop
Bring your personal branding, intrapersonal and social skills to greater heights as you explore your personal style, and wardrobe and image management.
30-day (60 hours) session workshop
Stand on that stage and wow your audience! Confidently and effectively make oral presentations and reports by learning state-of-the-art presentation techniques!
40-day (80 hours) session program
Heightened self-esteem, greater self-confidence, polish, refinement, and mastery of the art of self-presentation – this is what the JRP Level 5 is all about.
50-day (100 hours) session program